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some more things l want tell you about blogging

this post going to be some more things l think you all need to know about blogging first blogging is not as hard as they want you to think just find blogging platform like Weebly or as l said in my last post for beginners would start with blogger on goggle and blogger free

 don't feel like you need to know everything about starting l blog l learn to write like l talk now you may ask what does that mean. lol, when l first start ever thing l read people kept saying.

that make any sense so kept thing myself  write as if you talking with a good friend that all,

so good find somethings to write about you can do it l know you can 

how to start blog

this blog going to about show you how to start your own blog and make it work for you let get start,

l know you make want to start a blog before and fail at it or maybe you been thinking about starting one

but am here to tell you what they don't tell you about starting your own blog they tell me to start my own blog fist l was so mess upstart with Godaddy


the website they tell me that what l was getting was a website but l could make into a blog that lies

l trying l think about almost a month to make a blog didn't work and call

them only some guy on phone one at Godaddy trying to tell me what l have is a blog he lies and l was piss so after that.

then l found how to the right blogging site for and now it's so easy so what lm trying to say to you all don't give up. find a platform that right for you if you

just starting out google has one call blogger and that the one l start with its its so easy do to 

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welcome to my blog

welcome to my blog

want you guys to know about me l try so many different ways to make money and start my own blog only to get scam and lie to now that l know how to start my only blog and my make money want to show you gi=uys how you to can do the same